All Purpose Remedy Oil(100ml)


This oil is made with a unique combination of natural ingredients which helps to cure many ailments.
Benefits –

  • Curable diseases: Mouth, stomach and intestinal ulcers are cured. The intestinal tract is healed.
  • Heartburn caused by acidity will subside in a single day.
  • Can be taken as an adjunct to cancer. Heals ulcers caused by cancer.
  • Can be used for dental care
  • Reduces foot con issues
  • Efficient on warts, external fissures
  • Dissolves kidney stones

For usage, please refer the usage section

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Additional information

Weight .1 kg

100 ml


Cactus Juice
Banana stem juice
Edible Camphor
Pure Virgin Coconut oil


• General Intake – Morning & Evening should be taken 3 to 5 ml on an empty stomach for 48days
• For dental care – Apply this oil for 3 days morning and night and add this to your "Oil Pulling" to cure tooth decay.
• Or foot corns – When sleeping at night, wash your feet thoroughly in the morning and apply this oil on the soles.
No need to cut the corn. The pain will subside on the first day. There will be no pain if it happens on the 2nd day. Apply regularly for 15 to 20 days and the corns will dissolve. Will not come back .
• Warts – Rub on top of the warts and the warts will fall off.
• Tonsils – This oil should be taken in the morning and evening on an empty stomach at the rate of 5 ml for 48 days. Apply this oil externally over the spot.
• For kidney stones – Consume this oil to dissolve the stones – 5 ml for 48 days
• External fissures: Apply this oil over the anal opening.
Note: Water should NOT be taken for half an hour after consuming this oil. It is better NOT to drink water for half an hour.


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