Home Made Diabetes Tea powder(100 gms)

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The herbs are carefully picked and curated as per ancient Siddha scripts. All the herbs included helps to balance the sugar levels.

**Stevia contains 200x sweetness than processed white sugar. It also act as anti-oxidant.

  • Excellent replacement for Tea or coffee
  • No additional sweeteners required

*Stevia reduces the bitterness of sirukkurinjan herb but has a mild bitter taste.

*Cardamom is added as a Flavoring agent

Anyone above age of 45, irrespective diabetic or not, can consume this weekly once or twice to prevent from becoming diabetic in future.

Can be taken along with the current medication that is being taken for diabetes , twice a day.

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100 gms



Arugampul/Bermuda grass
Aavarampoo/Senna auriculata
Sakkarai kolli Ilai/sirukkurinjan, gurmar
Njaval kottai/Jamun seed
Seenthil/Tinospora cordifolia/Giloy
Thriphala churnam
Kadal azhinjil/
aalam vithai/Banyan tree seed
veppam pattai/Neem bark
Thennampoo/Shredded coconut dried
kovaiyilai/Ivy gourd leaves
Vishnukranti/Evolvulus alsinoides
Konrai/Indian Laburnum
Vellarugu/Indian Whitehead
Seeni tulasi/Stevia
Green tea Thul/Green tea powder


Add 1tsp pf powder in 2 glasses of water. Boil and reduce it to 1 glass.
No additional sweeteners required


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