Cloth Menstrual Sanitary Pads

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Natural and healthy alternative to disposable sanitary pads

  • 100% natural cotton sanitary pads
  • Reusable
  • Chemical free, unscented
  • Eco-friendly
  • No side-leaks
  • Soft on skin and causes no skin rashes

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1 review for Cloth Menstrual Sanitary Pads

  1. Archana

    I switched from disposable pads and started “green the red” with the help of these cloth pads. The initial doubts on absorbency, hygiene & using them were completely gone after the first couple of uses itself. They are completely made with cotton cloth, zero chemicals and perfumes, and do not give any skin rashes unlike the disposable. I highly recommend this to all the women!

    • HLP World Store Team

      Thank you for your honest feedback. Each step towards a low waste journey counts! Please continue spreading goodness.

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