Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil (1 ltr)

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Gingelly Oil also known as ‘Nalla Ennai’ in Tamizh, which means ‘good oil’. In other words, it is the King of all oils!
While Sesame oil and Gingelly extraction is from sesame seeds, the process of preparing gingelly oil differs slightly. The seeds are crushed along with pure natural palm jaggery for making the Gingelly oil.

  • One of the most recommended oils for your regular oil baths (mix it with coconut oil). It gives a soft and supple skin. Improves your hair health. Reduces body heat. If you would like to more about it, click here. Also use this for your Diwali bath!
  • It has natural SPF which may resist up to 30% if UV rays(as per a study)
  • Gingelly oil contains Omega-6 fatty acids which is essential for your body.
  • Gingelly oil is anti-inflammatory which means it can help with issues like joint pains etc.
  • Use it for oil pulling by adding some beneficial herbs. Or you can buy it from from here. Regular usage will lessen Mouth ulcers, tooth & gum related issues.
  • Best to be used for making Kali, Greens etc.THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST PREMIUM QUALITY GINGELLY OIL YOU CAN EVER GET!

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