Gulkand-Rose petal Jam (250 gm)

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Ancient recipe for summer, made with palm sugar and rose petals. It is a 42 days process to get the exact result out of this recipe.

As per ancient script, it is known for Keeping the body temperature cool during summer.

Other benefits:

  • Tones skin and sunburn
  • Helps to cure constipation during pregnancy and for kids, Indigestion, Piles Acidity, Gastritis, Ulcer.
  • Improves eyesight and helps in conjunctivitis.
  • Dysmenorrhea, Acne, Foul body order, Palpitation, Hypertension, Nose bleeding
  • Stress buster
  • Reduce Side Effects of hot Flashes in Menopause and Foul smelly yellow discharge in women.

A good quality of rose has various therapeutic values such as Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-oxidant ,Anti-ulcerogenic, Anti-tussive, Cardio-tonic, Carminative, Demulcent, Mild hypnotic, Mild laxative .

Note: Don’t keep Gulkand in Refrigerator

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Additional information

Weight .25 kg

250 gms

How to use

With Water or Pure Desi Milk. Twice daily after food.
Age 4 to 8 – 0.5 – 1 gm
Age 8 to 12 – 1 – 2 gm
Age 13 to 21 – 2 – 3 gm
Age 21 and above – 5 to 10 gm
Pregnancy – 2 to 4 gm
Old Age – 5 gm

This is not for Diabetic Patients.


Store in Normal room temperature and don't store in refrigerator

2 reviews for Gulkand-Rose petal Jam (250 gm)

  1. Shilpa Rao

    This gulkhand is a hit in our home.Very tasty esp with betal leaves.

  2. Divya (verified owner)

    Everyone in our home loved this. My daughter doesn’t like any sweet things , but she has liked it soo much. Perfect for my sweet tooth.

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