Moringa Powder(100 gms)

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The super food Moringa in powder form, sprinkle in your curries, rotis, salads etc.  and enjoy all the benefits of moringa.

  • Best for lactating mothers (consume along with other nutrient rich foods)
  • Best for calcium deficiency

To know the amazing benefits of moringa click here

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100 gms


Moringa leaves powder


1. Use it like green tea – a. Add a glass of a little more than warm water to a teaspoon(or less if you are beginner) powder. Add native jaggery(unrefined and unbleached) or honey(add only when it is little warm) if sweetness is required.
b. Boil a teaspoon of moringa powder in one and half glass of water, reduce it to one glass. Add jaggery(when still hot/warm) or honey(little less than warm). Squeeze juice of half a lemon and consume.
2. Add a spoon of powder while making rotis, idly, dosas etc.
3. You can add them in your curries, sabjis, dals etc. or even to you snacks like pakodas, bhaajis,
4. You can also prepare idli podi if you are aware of the process. Use black urad dal(ie unpolished) instead of polished to get the full benefits.
5. You can add them in your beauty recipes. Like in face masks, hair wash etc.
6. Add it in your soups, green smoothies(without milk)

1 review for Moringa Powder(100 gms)

  1. Paru (verified owner)

    Thank you hlp world for bringing up these healthy addons… It’s simple to use.. I add this powder to dosa n idli batters… No taste difference…we can give it easily to kids.

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