Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (1 ltr)

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In our HLP World Community, we always recommend to use the unrefined edible oils ,be it for cooking or for personal use! If you use all the traditional, native and locally made edible oils in the proper ratio- you can benefit from all the oils and have a healthy life!

  • Lauric acid in the oil helps to have the anti-microbial effect. Use it for mild rashes on skin, diaper rashes, insect bites, itchy skin etc. It also can be used for oil-pulling.
  • One of the best oils for your hair & skin! Add in the valuable herbs growing in your garden which promotes hair growth while preparing a home-made hair oil for the extra boost!
  • Researchers have suggested that the ketones present in coconut oil helps to prevent brain malfunctioning diseases like Alzheimer.
  • Best to be used while frying food items!

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Weight 1 kg

1 ltr


Store it air tight & in dry place. Do not use wet spoons.


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