Traditional Thalippu Vadagam (250gms)


Homemade Thalippu vadagam prepared with naturally harvested sambar vengayam(Shallots), hing, garlic and cold pressed oil. You can prepare sambar, kuzhambu, kootu, rasam etc with this sun-dried condiment. Thalippu is the Tamil word for tempering. Since these are well dried under sun, you can store it upto 2 yrs in air tight containers. They used to be the special dishes made by grandmothers during the sunny days to savour it for the rainy days or when we need to finish the cooking quickly.

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Urad dal, shallots, Garlic, Mustard, Asafoetida, Curry leaves, Rock Salt


Add to your meen kuzhambu/curries, or kariveppilai/Curry leaves kuzhambu, etc.
You can also fry it in oil and use it.


Stays fresh upto 2 yrs if stored well in airtight containers


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