Curry Leaf Hair Oil- Parent Product(200 ml)

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  • Rich source of natural antioxidants
  • Strengthens the roots of hair preventing hair fall.
  • Helps to avoid premature greying of hair.

Made by parent – Krithika Sudhakaran

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Weight .25 kg



Pure unrefined cold pressed coconut oil, Organic Curry leaves


Apply this hair oil on a daily basis or massage this oil one hour before a hair wash.
Do not mix this oil with any other oil, can be applied directly.
Make sure your hair is not wet while applying
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Store in Normal Room Temperature

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1 review for Curry Leaf Hair Oil- Parent Product(200 ml)

  1. Huda (verified owner)

    I tried curry leave oil as well as coconut oil, my hair fall increased to extreme. These oils didn’t suit me .

    • HLP World Store Team

      Thank you for your honest feedback.

      We would like to know how long you have been using the product?
      1. Usually there is duration called transition period which is 4-6 weeks minimum when we use a product for the body to accept and start its work at the base level.
      2. When we use any hair care products, hair fall is the first sign which implies that the product is working. Because the product first works on removal of unhealthy hair strands and promotes growth from root level.
      3. Last, diet and hydration plays a major role along with the quality of sleep and emotional health to support the product do its work.

      Please reach out to us for any further help on this.
      HLP World Store Team.

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