Home-made Mouth wash(50 ml)


One of the best alternative to commercial toothpaste and mouth washes

  • Alternative for Commercial Mouth wash and Tooth paste
  • Strengthening Gums
  • Removes foul smell bacteria in mouth
  • Heal tooth decay
  • Also heals Big Gums
  • Good for kids of 4 years and above
  • Beneficial to kids who dislike brushing
    Note: Not for Infants and Babies. 

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Weight .1 kg

50 ml


Achyranthes aspera (Naayuruvi Ver) – to strenghten gums
Bark (Karuvelampattai) – Heal the mouth ulcer
Areca Nut (kottai paaku) – Act as a Mouth Freshener, It produces Saliva which leads to Good digestion
Clove Oil – Heal Tooth Decays and Pain
Solanum Surattense (Kandangathiri)
Glycyrrhiza glabra (Athimathuram) – Removes Infection, Act as an Anti-inflamattory
Cardamom – Treat Bad Breath and Prevent Cavities


5 to 6 drops for Adults
3 drops for kids
Put in mouth and do either soft brushing or do massage using fingers
Gargle, Rinse and Spit.
No need to use toothpaste.


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