Siddha Tooth Powder Combo V7 (100 gms)

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This tooth powder is a best replacement for commercial chemical toothpastes.

Version 7.0 Siddha Tooth Powder is an advanced version. Use each version on each day of the week to see the best results.

You will receive approximately 15 grams of each version of toothpowder.

  • Helps to cure all dental problems and strengthens your gums.
  • Version 3 is best for people who are diabetic.
  • If used in combination with our Medicated Oil Pulling Oil can reap multiple and quick benefits. Or use any cold pressed oils like coconut oil or gingelly oil for oil pulling.

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Additional information

Weight .1 kg

Version 1 Ingredients:-

– Amla, Thantrikai, Kadukkaai, Vellai Karisalai, Nayuruvi
– Thavasi Murungai, Banyan tree bark, Karuvelam tree bark
– Maa villangam bark, Katha Kambu, Masikai, Sweet Flag, Alam
– Yavasaram, Vai Villangam, Kadal Nurai, Kalnar parpam, Clove
– Dry ginger, Ceylon Cinnamon, Kiranthi Nayagam, Menthol, Tea Tree oil

Version 2 Ingredients:-

– Vellai Karisaalai, Vilvam, Aalum, Velam
– Indhu uppu, Lemon, Guru uppu.

Version 3 Ingredients:-

– Haritaki, Guercus infectoria, Rock salt, Alpinia galanga
– Pepper, Clove, Alum, Cinnamomum camphora, Ginger

Version 4 Ingredients –

– Himalayan Pink Salt, Charcoal, Alum
– Roots of Peepal , mango, Guava , Jamun roots

Version 5-7 –

Combinations of ingredients from Siddha scripts


100 gms

How to use

Take a pinch of Siddha tooth powder and rub gently on teeth n gums for 14 days. You can see good results. Long term usage will be good for Gums n Teeth.
We recommend to use each version one day and switch over to another version next. So in a week, you can make use of all these 7 versions of Tooth powder!
For Babies: Once Teeth start to grow, you can start to use our tooth powder.

1 review for Siddha Tooth Powder Combo V7 (100 gms)

  1. Lakshmi andal Thatha (verified owner)

    Natural, chemical free, preservative free, with this usage, for me no dental problems at age of 40, where my cousins of equal age having significant teeth issues at this age

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