Citrus Body Scrub -Parent Product(100 gms)


NOTE – Due to some logistical difficulties, this product  will be shipped on 15th/30th of that month.

Regular use of this scrub helps to de-tan, makes your skin smooth & supple to touch.

PRE ORDER ONLY. Dispatch in 15-20 days from the date of order

Made by Malini


Citrus fragrance is known to refresh the mind.Lemon acts as a skin lightener, while Grapefruit fights acne, fades scars, balances oily skin conditions and is also a mild anti-cellulite.
Bergamot prevents skin infections. Citronella draws out toxins, reduces stress and anti inflammatory. Coconut as a natural SPF & also as a moisturizer.

This is a best alternative to conventional scrubs
Regular use of this scrub helps to retain moisture.
Best for skin lightening and oily skin. Keeps your skin tan-free,supple and smooth to touch.

(In case you feel it’s a little oily you can skip moisturizer for a day or two)

Additional information

Weight .1 kg

100 gms


Mixed citrus peel mix, Green tea, Sweet almond, Wild Orange, Extracts lemon, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Coconut extracts.


Take required quantity in dry bowl, dampen skin & scrub in circular motion.
Use more on sun-exposed areas
Wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry. This scrub can safely be used on sensitive skin as well.
While using on face, you can expect tingly feeling, due to citric acid in fruit

Reactions & Allergens: Always test any cosmetics on hand wait for an hour or two before using on face to check for any reaction. Caution in case of nut allergens

Skin type

Normal, Oily, Dry


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