Lavender Facial Toner (100ml)-Parent Product


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An excellent alternative for conventional facial toners.

Helps skin maintain an even tone, with regular use.

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Made by Malini

Suitable for Normal, Dry & Oily skin. The presence of active apple extracts helps even out pigmentation, fade marks, moisturizes and most importantly balances the skin pH thus preventing pimples, wrinkles and sagging caused due to stress from pollutants.

Caution: The liquid may seem murky at the bottom and presence of tiny fragments may appear disturbing this is because active and live tincture is used to keep the product’s effectiveness at its highest. This does not indicate any breach in quality of the product. However, if it smells bad, please discard.

Very small % of people are known to be allergic to lavender.

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Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg

100 ml


Distilled water, active apple extracts, lavender


After shower or washing the face clean. Wipe dry and spray this Facial Toner generously all over your face, neck and leave it to air dry (shake well before use).

DO NOT wipe or dab. After it naturally dries, continue with your usual beauty regime.

Use regularly for best results.


Comes in a spray bottle.. Keep in normal temperature.


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