Healing Panchagavya Cleansing Bar

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With an intention to deliver, zero chemical cleanser, this product is born out of creativity incorporating exotic healing ingredients abundantly available from natural sources like panchagavya and skin loving herbs which makes this bar extremely unique and special yet not compromising on the cleansing properties to that of a commercial soap.The bar comes with no added fragrances hence making it very precious for the precious you.

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Gaumutra, cow dung, ghee, curd, milk, Multani Mitti, coconut oil, Neem oil, Turmeric, red soil, Edible Camphor and herbs


Store in dry and airy place after use.

1 review for Healing Panchagavya Cleansing Bar

  1. Diana Manoshi (verified owner)

    I have been using this product, since the time it was introduced. Ever since my first usage,the one thing I’m certain about, is, I do not want my skin( the largest organ ) in my body to ever be treated with chemicals again. The smell of the product might not be very appealing to many, but for me it’s very rustic. It has this sense of grounding with nature, an earth appeal to it.
    Thank you HLP for making this product available on a regular basis.

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