Shielding Ashta Kaala Bhairav Amulet

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Based on the request from our community of HLP WORLD Whatsapp group, we were fortunate to make this special amulet.

Bhairava energy is a very strong spirit known for protection. These amulets are usually created during Ashtami thithi of Krishna paksha every month. Among these thithi, the month of Kartika masam is very powerful. We energized these amulets and 1008 kg of vibhuti with yantra inscribed on a copper plate at Dhanwantri Peetha with 108 priests chanting mantras.

The amulet has the following benefits –

  • Eliminate planetary imperfections
  • Improve financial blockages
  • Judgment in favour.
  • Protect children in nightmare
  • Shield from Accidents or injury
  • Protect from Evil or Negative spirits.

There are 3 types of amulets.

  • One for kids below 8 years(unisex). Can be worn in hip thread or neck.
  • One type for adults -Men. Can try this in arms(right preferred)
  • For adults -Ladies. Can use it as a pendant or wear it on hip. If used in hip thread, then it must be removed during cycles.

The Amulet have energized yantra with vibhuti and various herbs meant for this purpose. All rituals done as per traditional Siddha method.

You can wear this at brahma muhurtha time. These amulet are made limited. If you miss it now, you have to wait for next Bhairava Ashtami.

NOTE – This amulet is made yearly once(on Bhairava Ashtami). So please wait till 2021 Bhairava Ashtami.

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Additional information

Weight .05 kg

For 24 Thithis/ 1 year

How to Use?

Adults – Men – Can try this in arms.
Women – Can use it as a pendant or wear it on arm. If used in hip thread, then it must be removed during cycles.
Kids(below 8 yrs)- Can be worn in hip thread or neck.

Note – One black thread vibhuti will be included along the amulet.
You can also use red thread if you want.
The vibhuti which comes along the product can be applied daily.


1. Is there any other time to wear?
A. The BEST TIME is brahmamuhurat time.
2. When is brahmamuhurat time?
A. To be exact, it starts at 1hr 36 mins before the sunrise time at your location
3. Can we wear it along with mangalsutra?
A. Better to avoid adding in same chain, add in a separate thread and wear.
4. Do I need to cleanse/do pooja/clean the amulet?
A. No, it is ready to be worn!
5. Should I open the amulet?
A. No, unless you know how precisely to re-energize it, please do not open.
6. What to do with the bhasma which has come along with it?
A. Please apply it daily. Anyone can apply the vibhooti.
7. Where else can we wear this apart from arms for men?
A. The best is always arms(as it is Bhairava). Next option would be neck(it should come in chest region). But we prefer arms.

5 reviews for Shielding Ashta Kaala Bhairav Amulet

  1. Deepa (verified owner)

    I made best decision by buying this product. The hlp world has been a boon for me and for all. Authentic and intuitive solutions are the best part in hlp. This product has been a positive and strong motivator. With a good holistic lifestyle and devotion, a miraculous product to yourself or even as a gift to people whom you care for.

    • HLP World Store Team

      Thank you for the feedback. Kala Bhairava amulet is one of the exclusive products of HLP Store. We are so happy to know the positive impact for you and your family.

  2. Shilpa Rao (verified owner)

    This amulet has amazing vibrations.One of the best things that I have bought in a long time

    • HLP World Store Team

      That is really great to know! Thank you so much.

  3. Chandrad (verified owner)

    I have been using the amulet for couple of months now defined see positive impact on my life and my wife also shares the same opinion. Thanks HLP for making this available. Planning to have one for my kid.

  4. Archana

    I, my husband and my son we all are wearing kalabhairav amulet from past few months and it’s a divine product. It has brought positiveness in our life.

  5. Subhashini

    I have bought it for my son, before wearing this amulet he use to cry while sleeping and also use to wake up in between sleeps. After wearing this I saw him having a sound sleep and is brave and confident than before.
    Thanks HLP for having this in store.

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