Sports Agility Mindset


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Sports is not just a physical activity that culminates in winning or losing. In fact, it helps imbibe several important life lessons and values. A sportsman has to strategize, deal with uncertainties, think on his feet, be a leader, be a team player, get things done to develop a winning mindset.

In many ways, corporate life can draw parallels from the sports world.

That’s exactly why national level basketball player-turned-corporate professional Suresh TK has put together the concept of Sports Agility Mindset in this book.

This book talks about how lessons learnt in the sporting arena are equally relevant in the professional world, and how to apply them for growth and success in your career. The fact that Suresh has spent years training on the basketball court and in leading teams in corporate offices gives this book great conviction and authenticity.

Narrating powerful stories coupled with nostalgia and excitement, this book takes you through the various challenges you encounter in the corporate world, with parallels of personal experience from the sporting world. It presents a novel perspective and methodology on how one can overcome these challenges using the Sports Agility Mindset. The framework and checklist in this book empower you towards developing this mindset and honing it continuously.

This book is a must-read for all if you are keen to grow and thrive in today’s uncertain, complex, and fast-changing corporate world.

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