Madagascar Ocean Jasper


Known as Atlantis stone or sea jasper.

  • It makes sure to see your spiritual wisdom gained from past life.
  • It activates Sushma nadi for mediation.
  • Ocean Jasper is a marvelous stone for cultivating patience and coping with change and encourages giving service to others.
  • Removes nightmares during sleep.
  • A must have stone for healers, counsellors, or deep empathic person.
  • It helps drain the lymph toxins in the body. Remove bad odor.
  • It also helps you heal with thyroid, eczema, and skin disorder.
  • It helps you transmute your past spiritual power to meaningful in current lifetime.
  • This stone will make you absorb all the vitamins and minerals you eat daily.
  • Must have for people born on Jan 1 – 5, Feb 5-14, Mar – 31 April 4, April 21- 25, June 1- 10, Sep 3 – 12, Sep 29 -oct 8, oct 19-23, Nov 8-12, Dec 17-21, dec 27-31

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All these stones are cleansed. Intention is not Set. You can set your own intention as per your need. In case, if you need to set intention please leave a comment at the Remark note of the shipping. It will be done FREE of cost. But the waiting time is 1 to 3 Moon cycles. Note – If you want us to set your intention, mention the same in remarks column present in Shipping page.


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