Natural Home made Kumkum (25 gm)

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Chemical free kumkum prepared with natural ingredients and following Siddha scriptures.

  • Activates Pituitary Gland
  • Helps in Spiritual life
  • Awakens 3rd Eye
  • Replacement of chemical based Bindi
  • Chemical free

This kumkum is prepared using natural ingredients based on Siddha scriptures. It will take 45 days to prepare 1 kg of Kumkum.


Note – The product image is for representation purpose only. The color may vary in actual product

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Weight .03 kg

25 gms

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3 reviews for Natural Home made Kumkum (25 gm)

  1. Archana (verified owner)

    The aroma of this kumkum cannot be explained in words. It doesn’t cause any allergies, not even stains our skin. Finally I could replace my bindhi with this. Also not feeling guilty while keeping it for poojas or offering to others! Another must have unique product of HLP store. Highly recommended! One feedback would be packing it in a bottle(glass preferred), that way we could save leftovers in the pouch and no need to transfer once we receive it.

  2. ANUSHA SRIRAM (verified owner)

    This particular product has my heart. Its magical and people who see me this is the first thing they notice. I’m usually allwrgic to the “artificial thazhampoo kumkum” even from famous meenakshi temple as that fragrance gives me headache.
    But this product is natural and helped me transition to kumkum completely. Its been 2 years I have never gone back to sticker bindis even during functions. I have combine the kumkum with ghee and kept to use effectively. Understanding why we do what we do has been very helpful in this transition. Thank you Anna and the whole team.

  3. Kiranmayi (verified owner)

    I love the aroma of this kumkum aroma. There is some sanctity attached whenever it’s worn. Very good one to have it always on forehead…

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