Subscription Policy

To order a Subscribe & Save subscription:

  1. Select a Subscribe & Save eligible product.
  2. Set your preferred quantity and frequency.
  3. Click on Add to Cart
  4. Review your cart items and update if necessary
  5. Update correct shipping address and make the payment.


Subscribe for 6 months and save 10%*
Subscribe for 12 months and save 15%*

*Shipping excluded


  • The product(s) will be shipped every month on the same date of your order placed.
    Eg – You purchased a 6-month subscription of a product on 12th August 2022 means, it will be shipped on 12th of every month until the 6months period is over.
  • You must purchase the subscription again once your existing one exhausts the mentioned time period.
  • Any changes in subscription/contact details must be informed to us before 10 days of dispatch (Subscription) date every month.
  • Cancellations won’t be entertained.
  • No refunds will be made on subscriptions due to any kind of reasons.
  • Any case of changes in address/contact details are not entertained post shipment of monthly orders.
  • If you have any preferred couriers, please mention in order notes. If no specific couriers are mentioned, we will be shipping by our preferred courier partners.
  • Some items may be subject to quantity limits/stocks. In case of no/delayed stocks, we will be sending them at the earliest date of receiving stocks. And you will be informed on the same well ahead.
  • In case of return of shipment to us, the customer should borne the shipping charges to resend the parcel.