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Community Group Photo on 5 years Celebration

How It All Started

Welcome to HLP World, formerly known as the Swarna Prashana Community—a vibrant and inclusive platform dedicated to holistic living and parenting. In a modern world dominated by synthetic remedies and fast-paced lifestyles, we are committed to reviving ancient wisdom and embracing natural solutions for nurturing strong and vibrant families.

At the core of our mission lies Swarna Prashana, an ancient Ayurvedic practice hailed for its holistic approach to immunization and overall well-being. Often referred to as the "Ayurvedic way of vaccination," Swarna Prashana offers a safe and effective alternative to conventional medicine, devoid of harmful side effects.

Our journey began with a group of passionate parents united by a shared vision of reconnecting with our roots and embracing spiritual-scientific values. Together with Ayurvedic practitioners and healers, we set out to educate and empower others about the profound benefits of Swarna Prashana.

What started as a grassroots movement has blossomed into a thriving community, fueled by the power of social media and the unwavering support of our members. Today, HLP World serves as a dynamic hub for holistic parenting, attracting a diverse array of individuals, including gynecologists, naturopaths, medical astrologers, organic farmers, and other unique healers.

As our community continues to evolve, we are witnessing the rise of ParentPreneurs—parents-turned-entrepreneurs sharing their home remedies—and AncientPreneurs—entrepreneurs dedicated to promoting traditional products. Together, we form a vibrant network of individuals committed to honoring our heritage and fostering the well-being of future generations.

Join us on this journey of rediscovery and connection as we strive to create a healthier future rooted in ancient wisdom and holistic living.

Our Team

Santhosh Kumar
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Warehouse Coordinator

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Technology Expert

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Consultation Coordinator

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Event Coordinator

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Social Media Coordinator

Anu Hemanth
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Subscription Coordinator

Tarun Devaraj
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Group Admin

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Store Coordinator

Hima Bindu
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Group Admin

Volunteering with our community is an opportunity to make a meaningful impact while connecting with like-minded individuals. Join us in serving and uplifting our community together!

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