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  • Is this only for women? Can men attend this too?
    Its not only for women. Men also can join.
  • Any age criteria?
    People who are married and/or above 21 age are allowed.
  • Can I bring my kid(s)/baby too?
    Yes. If you are bringing your kids or babies, please make sure you bring your own care-takers. during meditation you should not be distracted. Also if the care-takers need accommodation, you need to pay for it.
  • I am pregnant but want to attend this workshop. Can I register?
    Yes. But please inform us after registering.
  • Can one who is going through menopause/post menopause enroll?
    Yes, definitely.
  • Any other restrictions?
    Cell phone is not allowed. So plan your things accordingly.
  • I am part of the community but my spouse isn’t and wanted to join this program. How can I go ahead?
    Spouse has to pay non-member fees and can join.
  • Can I travel home post day 1 Session and come back next day?
    We would not recommend it as there is a high chance of extending the session to late hours and might start early morning next day. You may also have homework to do which might need your team’s help. Also the energy vibrations would stay longer if you avoid even small distance travels and mixing up with more people. Consider this as an opportunity to have some new experiences and to be with the Community for a better bonding. However, in emergency situations, you can travel to home post Day 1 and come back next day early morning.
  • I may not be able to travel to Bangalore. Can we attend online?
    There will NOT be online session for this program. This needs in person guidance and initiation from the mentor. Also the nature of the topic is sensitive, private and need proper support for grounding during the process.
  • Can you let me know if there will be advanced part that wasn’t covered in the first batch since I have attended that one? Will there be material provided to enable us to take these trainings as effectively as you do?
    What you learnt in first batch was enough to practice. What you will learn now is the same with additional points so that you can guide them while you teach them. Course hand outs will be provided.
  • Currently I am going through painful menopause. How will this program help me?
    This program is focused on Spiritual side of these practices. As mentioned already you will be initiated into various meditations, breathing practices and specific sounds to enhance your awareness. Once your awareness is enhanced you might be approaching everything in a different perspective. Please note ,this is not a therapy. This is a practice which must be followed diligently. When you set the right practice, automatically along with treatment, you will become better.
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