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Experience the power of immersive learning and human connection at our Physical Gurukuls. Step away from screens and into an environment where personal growth and transformation thrive.

Embark on Your Journey

Physical Gurukuls offer in-person sessions held at diverse locations, tailored to various needs and considerations. Emphasizing experiential learning, we urge you to prioritize attendance at these sessions, as the immersive, in-person experience is truly transformative. If a physical workshop isn't available in your area, kindly add yourself to the wishlist. With adequate support, our team will organize sessions at your location.

Tantric Palmistry

In the hands of all men God placed some signs that they could thus know their works

Soul Healing

An Integrated Holistic healing approach from our ancient enlightened Siddhas and New Age Healing Masters

Pendulum Dowsing, Telepathy, Lecher Antenna

Heal – Bring in positive vibes – Resolve various problems in life

Seed Therapy

Transforming home makers to home healer

Hand Reflexology

Reflexology – Revive, Restore & Rejoice!!!


Yantras are the geometric pathways to spiritual elevation, guiding us through the maze of existence to the center of our true selves.

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