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Tantric Palmistry

In the hands of all men God placed some signs that they could thus know their works

When we enter the planet earth, we arrive with the blueprint of a path which unfolds over time. Knowing our journey will enable us to reach our final destination. Our ancestors crafted a lot of tools to find the path – some of them being Astrology, Akashic reading, Face reading, etc.

Palmistry is one such art that unlocks the lines of destiny designed by mother nature. Although in modern science it is called under different terms, it’s purpose remains the same – they are used to understand the characteristics of a human mind. Each hand is unique – right from revealing personality traits to knowing your life’s purpose, your palms hide all answers to life’s complexities – not just the present, but the past that influences the present and shapes the future. Whatever is in our head is reflected in our palms. That’s why it’s important to take an insightful journey to learn about the mystery behind the symbol of self-discovery. And it takes time and practice to understand the hidden concepts.

In this course

  • Uncover the mystery behind the lines and mounts of the palm

  • Learn about the 4 hand element types – Air, Earth, Fire, and Water

  • In-depth learning of physical features and it’s interpretations

  • How your palm shapes the path of life

  • … and many more interesting, fascinating concepts


Course details

  • The Course Completition duration is 3 months.

  • 2 classes will be held every month – one in person at Bangalore and another as online session ( Q & A and Home Work Submission)

  • The offline and online classes will have a gap of 2 weeks

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