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Pendulum Dowsing, Telepathy, Lecher Antenna

Heal – Bring in positive vibes – Resolve various problems in life

Pendulum Dowsing is one such art of divination used for gaining information that is yet to be revealed. Be it to find water, gold, or petroleum under the ground, hidden or lost objects at home. This method helps us seek answers for our queries by picking on subtle energy / vibes around us.

In this session, we will use this primary healing diagnostic tool for distance healing with technology known as Telepathy Healing. With this distance healing technique, channeled properly will heal and save people from dire situations.

Along with the pendulum, we will be exploring the more advanced sensing tool called Lecher Antenna. Lecher Antenna is a powerful tool that measures vibes of any substance. It is used widely to detect and change the negative energy within us or at home and workplaces. It is used widely in distance healing, color therapy, graphology, etc.

Join us to learn this simple and powerful technique to heal and bring in positive vibes and resolve various problems in our life.

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