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Seed Therapy

Transforming home makers to home healer

Every house has a spiritual place called kitchen and the person who cooks food is the Therapist. In the ancient times, women were equipped with 64 gems of wisdom to guide everyone at home. Her every action is a spiritual ritual to bring in peace and harmony at home.

Whenever there was any minor health issues, she would start with the family healing system –  invoking divine blessing energy (sound, aroma, color, and spirits),  generating human blessing energy, Nature’s blessing (aura), touch-based therapy (call it as micro varma, su jok, or acupressure), and then they used the kitchen to work on the home remedies. With a complete knowledge of 72000 nadis, 10 special vital air, and five elements of nature, they would easily recover anyone inside the home. Only in the worst case, they would visit a tribal or traditional healer.

In those lines, in this workshop you will be put into one of the important yet forgotten touch-based healing system with hands-on training using various seeds from kitchen to treat 40+ health issues with simple traditional therapy.


  • Semi precious stones (aka seeds) available in your kitchen

  • How every kitchen can utilise the benefits of these semi precious stones

  • Treat minor ailments and 40+ health issues

  • Learn simple methods to heal your near and dear ones

  • How to identify points and provide extra force for quick healing

This session is so dear to many because of its effectiveness, people who joined recommended their friends, families, colleagues, acquaintances , and the requests were pouring in. We conducted this more than 3 times in Bangalore only and also covered in many other cities too.

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