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Art of Eating

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Art of Eating = Right Food + Eat Right Ayurveda says that food is the best Medicine – Maha Bhaishajya, if consumed in the right way. Eating is an essential part of life even though we don’t live only to eat. The food that we eat plays a vital role not only to the body but also to the mind and spirit. In order to achieve optimum health, bring harmony within, consuming food suitable to one’s physiology and the season is the key. The food needs of the body vary according to Agni – the Digestive Fire and various other factors such as external environment and food availability. Hence, it is important to eat the right food according to your constitution to reap the immense benefits. So, we need to know about the following key factors about the right way of eating. What to eat? When to eat? When not to eat? How to eat? How much to eat? We are what we eat. The food what we eat is our life source and mindful eating is a step in bettering one’s spiritual self.

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