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Balarishta Graha Dosha II

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The birth of a child is one of the happiest events for the family. It brings in lot of auspicious events in our lives. Sometimes, due to the planetary movements and combination at the time of birth it might bring in some situations that can endanger his childhood. Balarishta Dosha can affect a child’s health and well-being, sometimes causing a rippling effect to parents or close relatives. That’s why it’s imperative for parents to protect their child from such doshas. A timely remedy will prevent psychological effects on the child that may well travel to his adulthood. Performing right remedies will provide relief. Continuing on our quest to explore various doshas and the phases of the dosha, in this second chapter of Bala Rishta Dosha eGURUKUL, we go beyond curing health diseases and correcting planetary imperfections. In this session, we dive deeper into the external factors such as birds and various animals that affects children. These dosha open the gates for the unwanted spirits in our minds, making them the permanent residents. The longer it stays within, the deeper it affects the child and it’s relatives, sometimes even getting passed on their lineage, affecting generations. A timely remedy shall halt it’s negative impact and save the child (and the coming generations) from the evil effect of the dosha. That’s why it’s imperative to know the intricacies of the dosha and remedial measures to combat them. In this eGURUKUL, we will learn in detail about: 👉🏼 Explore the reasons behind the dosha 👉🏼 How to conquer the child’s sufferings and give him a wonderful destiny 👉🏼 8 major key doshas and their effects 👉🏼 How to treat those doshas with ancient tantric remedies PS: IT IS NOT MANDATORY THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE ATTENDED CHAPTER 1 TO ENROLL FOR PART 2

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