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Discover Your Personalized Secret Angels (Deity)

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As we all know, we each love, admire, or worship angels, gods, or nature. These could be our Ishta Devata (chosen deity), family deity, or spiritual guides we have encountered in our spiritual experiences. Many of us also feel connected to Mother Nature, engaging in acts of love, meditation, or good deeds. however, there is no guarantee that these angels will bless us. Did you know that every person born on this planet has a dedicated angel or deity ready to help them? Among all the spiritual forces that come to our aid, the Upasana Deivam is the first and easiest to access. Amoung all angels, this is the firest angel you should befriend with you. Workshop Overview In this unique workshop, you will learn to identify your dedicated angel or deity based on your birth time. These are your spiritual helplines, ready and waiting to assist you. What You Will Learn: How to find your designated Upasana Deivam using your birth chart. Understanding the various angels for different needs in your life. How to connect with these spiritual guides and where to find them. Discover your personalized Lucky Deivam (angel). Identify your personalized angel for health, relationships, marriage, and various aspects of life. Benefits Once you master this technique, you can also help others find their respective angels. This workshop is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to uncover this gift from Mother Nature.

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