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Secrets of Salt

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Unlock the Secrets , Myths and Spiritual powers about this amazing crystal Salt has been in use from the time immemorial and it is almost impossible to find a place that doesn’t use salt. Any food prepared with the best of the ingredients will not taste good if salt is missing. It’s presence is very much needed for complementing the flavour of other ingredients. Though salt is so commonly present in every household. It is still the most underestimated one. It is simply because it’s unique powers are not well known. You would have surely come across many stories involving salt. Some of them may be true and some may be myths. We need to understand the basics to validate or debunk the stories in circulation. This webinar is a good chance to do that is what we feel. You may not have to spend a fortune on various expensive crystals if you know how to use salt regularly for your advantage and promote your overall well being. In the webinar we will try to discuss and understand some of the aspects of salt and how the easily available and inexpensive crystal- salt can be a powerful tool in the following aspects Cleansing offices/ workspaces, home and yourself Healing your relationships Protecting from evil eyes (Drishti removal) Removing aches and pains in the body Getting sound sleep Preventing various health issues After the webinar, you will probably view salt differently and will see it beyond its culinary value. You might get astonished at the real powers and the high spiritual value that the salt has. You may also develop special regards for the spiritual properties of salt and its usage in various occasions.

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