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Workshop on Yantra | Talisman based on Birthday

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Yantra and Talisman – The mystic diagram with the magical pattern is a powerful tool related to planets and energies in our life. For thousands of years, ever since the Vedic Ages, Yantras play a pivotal role in strengthening positive energies and removing negative forces’ malefic effect. In our eGurukul, we will explore numeric yantra, one of the most important and auspicious yantras according to your Date of birth. As the saying goes, numbers don’ lie and hold a powerful place in everyone’s life. So, the numerical yantra is designed closely in connection with your vowel numbers and rule numbers. The power of yantras can be felt in every moment of our life, and people carry yantras with them for protection from negativity and evil spells. Learn how to keep the yantra as Talisman in rings, wallet, handbag, home and office desk. Here is the glimpse of a few topics that we touch upon in this workshop 1. Numerical yantra, according to DOB. 2. Vowel Number, Rule Number and the corresponding numerical yantra. 3. How to keep the yantra in the ring, wallet, handbag, home, office desk? 4. Corresponding Crystals related to Date of birth. 5. Tantric Spell: blessing related to Birthdays vs remove negative vibes such as black magic or evil spell. Special Bonus – Mobile Number and its influence on us! Join our Gurukul to explore Yantras and take a step forward to coordinate and harmonize the inner and outer forces

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