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Sade Sati/Ezharai sani – Saturn Transit Remedies for all 12 Rashis

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Saturn Transition – A phase of psychic, karmic and emotional influences. The time to repay, let go and forgive Ezharai Sani or Sade Sati is a phase in an individual’s life spanning seven and half years clubbed with challenges and difficulties. Saturn transit is about the Sani Graha exiting one Rashi and entering another Rashi. But, Saturn’s transit is always considered to have eminent effect on individual’s life path compared to the other eight planets. Also, it is believed that this specific time period comprises of a lot of struggles and hurdles. The Ezharai Sani or Sade Sati in real life is the time to repay the karma accumulated in our past or present life. It is the time of accomplishments and completion of our pending duties. So, on popular demand from our HLP Whatsapp Members, we are here with the webinar about Sani /Saturn transit and it’s impact and influences on every Rashi. Topics on Focus Saturn’s position with respect to each rashi. Karmic influences of Saturn on human mind. Understanding the transit. Remedies to be followed by each rashi people.

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