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Naming with Sound, Not with Letters

Baby Names based on Nakshatra padas

birth chart
Birth chart

Fixing names is VERY IMPORTANT. If you do it at birth, it can work wonders. Many who are born at auspicious times, under favorable planets and nakshatras, end up living painful lives simply because they do not have a proper name. Use this opportunity to choose an appropriate name based on birth details. It is worth your time, and your next generation will thank you for this.

Many parents often get confused when it comes to naming. We need to delve deeper into the core concept of naming a baby as suggested by our ancestors.

According to ancient texts, the baby chooses the parents, not the reverse. When two people connect physically at the right time, all 27 chakras open and align, which opens doors to various dimensions. It is at this time that many souls, waiting for a body to fulfill their duty, enter the mother's womb. If nature does not choose a parent, it is called a chemical pregnancy. In the other case, conception is positive.

Creation happens at night with the help of the Moon’s energy, which is passed from Nakshatra. During conception, a partial prime module sound, as per the nakshatra, locks the soul into the body. It is important for parents and others to call the baby by that sound to remind the baby of their current lifetime journey and lock in the healing energy.

Therefore, it is important not to call the baby by a pet name or various names until the naming ceremony. This is why it is one of the important 16 samskaras that parents should perform for their babies to provide them with purpose and direction.

Our ancient yogis, through meditation and self-realization, noted the journey of these souls and their corresponding sounds. They prescribed specific sounds for babies born under particular nakshatras. There is a complex and amazing science behind this spiritual practice.

So, it is important to focus on the sound, not the letter!

For example, “S” can be Sham, Sania, Senthil, or Saint Antony. Each one gives a different vibration.

There are certain stars for which naming is very hard. In such cases, siddhas have suggested using any divine name or any sattvic sounds (also called mantras).

The key is to use the sound at the beginning of the name, not at the end or in the middle.

Below are teh list of nakshatra with pada.

  1. Ashwini, अश्विनी

    1. चु (Chu)

    2. चे (Che)

    3. चो (Cho)

    4. ला (Laa)

  2. Bharani, भरणी

    1. ली (Lee)

    2. लू (Loo)

    3. ले (Le)

    4. लो (Lo)

  3. Krittika, कृत्तिका

    1. अ (A)

    2. ई (Ee)

    3. उ (U)

    4. ए (E)

  4. Rohini, रोहिणी

    1. ओ (O)

    2. वा (Vaa)

    3. वी (Vee)

    4. वु (Vu)

  5. Mrigashirsha, मॄगशिरा

    1. वे (Ve)

    2. वो (Vo)

    3. का (Kaa)

    4. की (Kee)

  6. Ardra, आर्द्रा

    1. कु (Ku)

    2. घ (Gha)

    3. ङ (Ing)

    4. छ (Chha)

  7. Punarvasu, पुनर्वसु

    1. के (Ke)

    2. को (Ko)

    3. हा (Haa)

    4. ही (Hee)

  8. Pushya, पुष्य

    1. हु (Hu)

    2. हे (He)

    3. हो (Ho)

    4. डा (Daa)

  9. Ashlesha, अश्लेशा

    1. डी (Dee)

    2. डू (Doo)

    3. डे (De)

    4. डो (Do)

  10. Magha, मघा

    1. मा (Maa)

    2. मी (Mee)

    3. मू (Moo)

    4. मे (Me)

  11. Purva Phalguni, पूर्वाफाल्गुनी

    1. मो (Mo)

    2. टा (Taa)

    3. टी (Tee)

    4. टू (Too)

  12. Uttara Phalguni, उत्तराफाल्गुनी

    1. टे (Te)

    2. टो (To)

    3. पा (Paa)

    4. पी (Pee)

  13. Hasta, हस्त

    1. पू (Poo)

    2. ष (Sha)

    3. ण (Na)

    4. ठ (Tha)

  14. Chitra, चित्रा

    1. पे (Pe)

    2. पो (Po)

    3. रा (Raa)

    4. री (Ree)

  15. Swati, स्वाती

    1. रू (Roo)

    2. रे (Re)

    3. रो (Ro)

    4. ता (Taa)

  16. Vishakha, विशाखा

    1. ती (Tee)

    2. तू (Too)

    3. ते (Te)

    4. तो (To)

  17. Anuradha, अनुराधा

    1. ना (Naa)

    2. नी (Nee)

    3. नू (Noo)

    4. ने (Ne)

  18. Jyeshtha, ज्येष्ठा

    1. नो (No)

    2. या (Yaa)

    3. यी (Yee)

    4. यू (Yoo)

  19. Mula, मूल

    1. ये (Ye)

    2. यो (Yo)

    3. भा (Bhaa)

    4. भी (Bhee)

  20. Purva Ashadha, पूर्वाषाढा

    1. भू (Bhoo)

    2. धा (Dhaa)

    3. फा (Phaa)

    4. ढ (Dha)

  21. Uttara Ashadha, उत्तराषाढा

    1. भे (Bhe)

    2. भो (Bho)

    3. जा (Jaa)

    4. जी (Jee)

  22. Shravana, श्रवण

    1. खी (Khee)

    2. खू (Khoo)

    3. खे (Khe)

    4. खो (Kho)

  23. Dhanishtha, धनिष्ठा

    1. गा (Gaa)

    2. गी (Gee)

    3. गु (Gu)

    4. गे (Ge)

  24. Shatabhisha, शतभिषा

    1. गो (Go)

    2. सा (Saa)

    3. सी (See)

    4. सू (Soo)

  25. Purva Bhadrapada, पूर्व भाद्रपद

    1. से (Se)

    2. सो (So)

    3. दा (Daa)

    4. दी (Dee)

  26. Uttara Bhadrapada, उत्तर भाद्रपद

    1. दू (Doo)

    2. थ (Tha)

    3. झ (Jha)

    4. ञ (Yna)

  27. Revati, रेवती

    1. दे (De)

    2. दो (Do)

    3. च (Cha)

    4. ची (Chee)


We named my kid due to some visibly seen circumstances which doesn't comply with the star naming letter... will it be fine?

and how does naming as per the star add value? Please elucidate


Veni Madhavi
Veni Madhavi
Jun 10

Very valuable info Veluji. Very patiently composed with all the details of 27 stars. 👌🙏I have been listening to this concept from my mother ever since my childhood days.

Me n my brother are blessed n fortunate to have been named with my birth star letter in the late 60s and 70s itself.

My star is Mrigasira and I'm named Veni Madhavi. But as Veluji mentioned I'm called by a different pet name in my house n by my relatives. Now I make it a point that in the present circles I'm called as Veni. My brother is born under Makha nakshatra n is named Mahesh. 😊


Jun 10

Great explanation anna.

If the names are not as per above.

Can we change name at any point of time anna ??

Replying to

Yes. Ur before you change officially first test the name. Once you notice the change then you can officially change it


Jun 10

Thanks a lot for the information. However, I had a question. As per the blog, we have to look at the time of conception and not the time of birth?? If so, how can this be calculated??

Replying to

Time of birth is enough to start