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Understanding the Significance of Lizard Astrology in Ancient Wisdom

Understanding the Significance of Lizard Astrology in Ancient Wisdom

We are all connected with each other and everything around us. We are part of the universal consciousness. Nature always tries to communicate with us to alert us. Everything that happens around us has a reason; there is no such thing as coincidence. Our ancestors, like the Siddhas, studied various birds, animals, plants, and insects commonly seen in houses to guide us.

In this context, the lizard is one of nature's tools to convey messages to us. Every Panchangam (Hindu almanac) includes a lizard astrology chart. Unlike humans, many other living beings can sense our aura or the energy we emit and react accordingly. For instance, at the Varadharaja Perumal Temple in Kanchipuram, built in the 10th century, there are gold and silver lizards with a yantra behind them. Touching these lizards is believed to ward off minor negative energies.

Decoding Lizard Astrology

Positive Effects of Lizards Falling on Men

  • Face: You will be freed from financial troubles and see monetary profits.

  • Left Eye: Good things will happen to you.

  • Left Ear: You will get more income and gains.

  • Lower Lip: Your earning potential will increase, leading to more profits.

  • Left Shoulder Blade: You will experience victories.

  • Foot: Indicating that you should get ready to travel.

Negative Effects of Lizards Falling on Men

  • Top of Head: Death will chase you.

  • Right Eye: Your work will be in vain, and future efforts will fail.

  • Forehead: You will interfere in others' problems unknowingly and may face separation.

  • Right Cheek: Sadness.

  • Upper Lip: Troubles and fights.

  • Both Lips: Death occurs.

  • Right Shoulder Blade: Fear from superiors or top management.

  • Wrist: Fascinations and decorations.

  • Elbow: Loss of money.

  • Fingers: Sudden visit of relatives or friends.

  • Right Arm: Problems and troubles.

  • Left Arm: Insult in front of many people.

  • Thighs: Clothes or costumes will be damaged.

  • Moustache: Start facing problems.

  • Feet Fingers: Health issues.

Positive Effects of Lizards Falling on Women

  • Left Eye: You will be loved by your relatives, friends, or husband.

  • Breast: Good things will happen.

  • Right Ear: Your earning potential increases, leading to more profits.

  • Lower Lip: New items or things will reach you.

  • Hands: Profits.

  • Fingers or Shoulders: You will either buy or be gifted an ornament.

  • Knee: Fans, followers, and new bonds will evolve.

  • Right Leg: Your enemies will collapse, or you will get relief from them.

  • Thighs: Physical pleasure.

  • Feet Fingers: Give birth to a boy.

  • Nose: Good luck.

  • Pregnant Woman's Womb: She will have a great and fortunate son.

Negative Effects of Lizards Falling on Women

  • Head: Fear of death.

  • Tuft: Fear of diseases.

  • Right Eye: Depression and unnecessary tensions.

  • Upper Lip: Rise in enmity.

  • Both Lips: Troubles and problems.

  • Back Part: You will hear death news.

  • Nails: Small issues and irritations.

  • Left Hand: Mental stress and unnecessary pressures.

  • Private Parts: Immense sorrow.

Additional Signs

  • If a lizard moves from head to toe: It signals upcoming difficulties.

  • If a lizard moves from bottom to top and then back down: It is a good sign.

Remedies for Lizard Falling on Men and Women

If a lizard falls on a person, they should take a bath immediately, light a lamp for God, and recite the Mrityunjaya Mantra:

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat

Touching the feet of people who have visited and touched the golden and silver lizards, as well as the sun and moon images on the roof at the Varadharaja Perumal Temple, you will be protected from the negative effects of lizard falls, both past and future.

By understanding and observing these signs and remedies, one can navigate the messages nature tries to communicate through the presence of lizards. This ancient wisdom helps us stay connected to the universal consciousness and live harmoniously with the natural world.

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