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Navigating Life with Compassion

I along with my 15 year-old daughter, set out on our scooty to visit one of her friend's house, on a Sunday afternoon. Neither of us was familiar with the neighbourhood where her friend resided. So, my daughter entered her friend's address into the app, 'Google Maps' and guided me from behind while I drove.

Soon, we were faced with this dilemma, whether to take the flyover or go under! We chose to take the flyover. A few minutes later, my daughter tapped me on my shoulder and remarked, "Mumma, we seem to be moving away from our destination!" I immediately stopped the scooty. We didn't want to turn around because we were nearly down the flyover.

To our surprise, the app immediately re-routed and showed us a brand new route to our destination! And, there we were, back on track with our ride.

As I drove, my curious daughter inquired, "Mumma, I wonder how 'Google Maps' never yells, condemns, or criticizes us when we happen to take the wrong turn?

It never raises its voice and says, “You were supposed to go LEFT at the last crossing, you idiot!" Or, "Learn to pay attention and listen to my instructions, OK??"

Because, if it did that, chances are, a lot of us might stop using it for good! Instead, Google simply Re-Routes and shows us the next best way to get to our destination! Its primary interest lies in getting us to reach our goal, and not in making us feel bad for having made a mistake!"

She continued, "Mumma, is it possible for all of us to be as helpful as Google Maps? Is it reasonable for me to expect the same kindness from those around me?"

What my daughter said actually made a lot of sense to me in that moment.

And, I learnt a lesson that day, a very important one!

It's all too easy to take out our frustrations and anger on individuals who have made a mistake, especially those who are near to us or whom we are familiar with.

However, the wisest choice would be to aid them in fixing the problem, and not to blame them because in the end, we're all just walking each other home, helping each other in a lifelong journey to the Ultimate! Happy June-ing!

Source: Unknown

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